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Re-elect Councilmember Manny Martinez
Councilmember Manny Martinez has been serving on the Glendale City Council for twelve years. Among his most outstanding gifts to our city and its citizens is his ability to create unity from a diverse group of councilmembers, commissioners, staff members and constituents. He helps us see and appreciate the point of view of one another and guides us toward resolutions that benefit all of Glendale.

We need the continued leadership and strength of character that Councilmember Martinez has brought us these past three terms.
"As your elected councilmember from the Cholla district, I strive to be open and accessible to you whenever you need me. I listen to your concerns and work with you on projects that are important to you.
I fight for what's right for our district and our city, and support action, both within and outside its boundaries, that benefits you."

Manny Martinez
Councilmember, Cholla District
Councilmember Martinez, representing Glendale at a meeting of the Arizona Cities and Towns.
"Vote for Manny. Glendale deserves the best."
Councilmember Martinez has identified
Glendale's Key issues as:
A . . . B . . . C
A. the Arena
and our championship performing Coyotes

B. the Budget
and how critical its successful management is

C. the Casino
and its sovereign nation's illegal intrusion

These issues dramatically impact our city, and helping reach a resolution to them is why we need Manny to continue serving on our Council.